Blessings from Scripture

In the last few months, I have found and been using a great resource for my daily quiet time.  If you haven’t seen the website Sweet Blessings, you should hop over and take a look!  Shannon is the lady behind Sweet Blessings and she sounds like someone I would like to meet in real life.  She is a wife, mother and a cancer survivor and through everything she says she is truly blessed by Jesus!  I love this attitude!

sweet blessings

Shannon posts monthly scripture writing lists and this is what initially drew me to her site.  There is a post for each month that may be topic based or based around a holiday such as Christmas.  Here is the link for the most recent one and the one that is topic based is here.  I am using the topic based one for this month and it is on grace.  Basically, the idea is to write a scripture down every day to help you take the time in God’s word.  She also provides a free worksheet for you to use for writing the scripture.

But before you think that is all there is on this site, stop!  Shannon writes posts that she feels help her and others in the moment.  The one that has stuck with me is on forgiveness.  It is difficult to forgive others but also ourselves.  I loved reading her post on this and was like a salve on a wound on my heart.

Shannon also had some other printables on her website such as chalkboard verses.  I plan on printing those out and putting them around to help me focus on God’s word.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful resource and it helps you get closer to the Lord!

God Bless,

Lee Ann



Mississippi Chicken in the Instant Pot

Last week, I saw a video on YouTube by Kimmy from She’s in Her Apron where she prepared a recipe called Mississippi Chicken.  She used her crockpot to prepare it but I wanted to try  it in my Instant Pot.  You know how I love my Instant Pot!!  You can check out her video HERE and the Instant Pot HERE.

Kimmy got the recipe from the website and HERE is the link for it.  It lists all of the ingredients and portions.  But basically you use frozen chicken thighs, a ranch dressing packet, a brown gravy packet, butter and pepperoncinis.


All the ingredients, except butter.  Can you believe I forgot butter???

Okay, so the first thing I did differently was use frozen chicken breasts instead of frozen chicken thighs.  When I bought these chicken breasts apparently I was in a hurry because they were still in the original packaging inside the vacuum sealed package. MISTAKE!  It took more than a minute to get the tray and little pad thing off of the back of them.

Once I got the package off, I just broke off  one chicken breast to fit it down in the pot.  I did use the trivet to set the chicken on and put about a cup of water down in the bottom.  Mix up the ranch and brown gravy packets and spread them over the chicken.  Then you slice up the butter and place it around on the chicken.  Lastly put the pepperoncinis on top of it all!  I used sliced ones but the recipe calls for whole ones.  I don’t think it matters either way.


Before cooking once it is all in the pot!

So, I put it on manual for 18 minutes and let it do a natural pressure release for 20 minutes.  And it took about 25 minutes to come to pressure.  Now some people will say that you didn’t save any time doing this, but keep in mind that I started with frozen chicken and I didn’t have to touch the pot once I set the time on it.  🙂


After cooking!

So for our supper this night, I roasted some broccoli and cauliflower with a little olive oil, garlic powder and salt and pepper.  Yummy!!! And some homemade dinner rolls!


So it was a success!  It was a tasty dinner that my husband and I enjoyed a lot.  If you try it, be sure and let me know!!

Also, are there any recipes you enjoy that you would like to see done in the Instant Pot?  I can’t promise but I will try to do an Instant Pot version.

Have a great day and God bless!

Lee Ann

Do you Remember Christmas?

The other day my daughter was running around putting stickers on everything she could find, including me.  She had found a sheet of Christmas stickers she had somehow missed.  She had no idea, but she opened Pandora’s box by asking that question.

I will never forget this past Christmas.  It was fun and the kids had a blast at my parent’s house.  They loved running around their land playing and even rolling around the shallow end of the pond.  We made Daddy’s favorite cake for our Christmas meal.  We put up a small tree that used to belong to my grandmother and put tiny decorations on it.

But for me, it wasn’t what we did or what was there but who wasn’t there.  It was the first Christmas without my mother.  I still can’t believe she is gone and singing in the streets of gold in Heaven.  It all seems a blur because it happened so fast.  I am still trying to catch my breath to be honest.

Daddy and I lived in the hospital with her for three weeks.  At the time, it seemed like such a long time; but now it seems like the blink of an eye.  She was diagnosed from the pain in her back and knee in the emergency room and admitted in November.  On December 4, she left us and joined so many others of our family in Heaven already.  So, so fast.

If you had the blessing of knowing my mother, you knew she was a private person that cared so much about others.  Sacrifice was a way of life for her.  She gave up so that others could have their wants or desires.  She couldn’t stand social media to be honest, but she always asked about my cousins and what they had posted lately.  She loved our family and wanted to know how they were doing.  And to that, she didn’t want an obituary or anything about her passing published.  She wanted people to remember her living.

And we will.  I will show her picture to the kids so they remember Granny and how much she loved them.  And love them she did.  She would call and just listen while the kids carried on in the background.  She loved hearing them talk and have a time.  And sometimes she would tell me to hush so she could hear them!  She always wanted a new picture if I didn’t send one.  I so miss those daily talks.  Sometimes it was two or three times a day.  What I wouldn’t give to hear her one more time.

Do I remember Christmas? Yes, my little princess, I will never forget it.

God bless

Lee Ann


IP Whole Chicken and Bone Broth

Do you have a whole chicken in the freezer?  I feel like I am unprepared if I don’t have a whole chicken in the freezer.  Just me?  That ‘s okay!

Well, today I am going to walk you through how I fix a whole chicken in my Instant Pot and what I do with the remains. (Bet you can’t guess! oh, well I guess you can!)

First make sure your chicken is thawed out and you pull out the parts that are tucked inside.  Like these:


Yea, it’s a little gross but can make gravy if you want!

Okay, so your next step is to season your chicken however you would like.  This is where you can get creative or keep it simple.  I tend to keep it simple and use what I want for my broth since I make that using the leftovers of the chicken.

What I like to use: salt, pepper, minced garlic, onion, celery and bell pepper.  I don’t always have these on hand fresh, so my bare minimum would be the salt, pepper, minced garlic or garlic powder, onion powder.

Put the trivet in your Instant Pot and set your seasoned chicken and veggies in it.  You will then add 1 to 1 1/2 cup of water.  Close it up and don’t forget to check your vent!  Now for the settings.  What I have found after doing a few and a little research is 6 minutes per pound plus 2 minutes.  So if you have a 6 lb chicken, you would cook it for 38 minutes, (6 x 6 = 36 +2 = 38).  This can be adjusted to your liking also.  If you want it to fall apart or if you want your chicken still intact.

So when it finishes, you will have something like this:


I love these tongs because they are so big!

Okay, so now you have chicken to eat for supper and next week I am going to talk about a few things to do with the leftovers!  Once you get the meat off the bones, you will have a nice plate like this!


and you will have this mess!


Take all the mess and put it back in your Instant Pot.  If you didn’t have any veggies in there the first time, you might want to round some up and add them.  Again, just whatever you have but usually I put an onion, peppers, and celery.  You will also add 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (for fun sometimes I use 3) and 1 teaspoon of salt.  Fill your pot up with water to about 2/3 full.  If you have time at this point, let it sit for about 30 minutes.  I don’t do this that often but it does help the vinegar to start working on the bones.  Last, close it up and put in the settings.  Use the soup option and set it to low pressure for 120 minutes.  Let it do a natural pressure release.  The last step is to strain your broth and package it up for later!


I just use a colander covered with cheesecloth to strain my broth.  I use ziploc bags and freeze them. A lot of people use jars to store the broth also.


Now you have dinner for a couple of nights, bone broth with lots of healthy benefits and all in a short amount of time!  Yay for the Instant Pot!


Clean up!

I do want to give you a little advice, don’t wait to clean up.  Or at least clean the lid, specifically the silicone ring inside the lid.  If you don’t the smell will stick around!  Some people order extra rings and actually use them for specific types of food, like red for savory and and black for sweet.  I plan on doing this in the near future.

Well, I hope you are enjoying the Instant Pot posts, I definitely am having fun doing it!

God bless,

Lee Ann

Goals and Your Destiny

Last week I started my goals series with a giveaway!  Today I want to discuss your destiny!  Well, maybe not your destiny as a whole but more specifically, Design Your Destiny 2017 by Sublime Reflection.  Kimberly Job is the owner of Sublime Reflection and the author of Design Your Destiny.  Several weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing 2 free resources and 2 paid resources.  Design Your Destiny 2017 was one of the free resources I listed but since then it has become a paid resource.  The workbook is now listed at $5.99 on the website.  In my opinion, it is well worth the price.


In the workbook, that is provided to you in pdf format, you start with last year.  Kimberly has you delve into 2016 and with detailed questions, prepares you for 2017.  I really think this is an important step that some people seem to overlook.  After the review of last year, you will have a section to just write your thoughts on paper for the current year.  It is vital to just get all of your ideas out so you can sort through them and decide what is at the top of your list.  In the third section, Kimberly helps you determine goals, and what might keep you from reaching for them.  This section has unique questions to help you in the process.

After brainstorming and working on your goals, Kimberly guides you to choosing your word of the year.  Again, I really like the way she helps you think about your word and narrowing down your choices.

Now the last two sections of the workbook are my favorite!  Basically you will work on an action plan and the tools you need to make your goals a success!  In my opinion, this is the most important part.  How many times have you set down and worked on your goals and came up with a nice pretty goals page to have it stop there?  I know I have been guilty of this many times.  Kimberly provides the steps and tools to help you turn this pretty page of goals (but we all like a pretty, decorated goals page, right?), into the steps of an actionable plan.

Design Your Destiny is a great, reasonably priced resource for helping you to determine your goals as well as how to start working on them.  I have printed my workbook and put it in a goal notebook that I use weekly at least if not more often.  I used some extra Happy Planner rings and covers to create my goal notebook.



I hope your goal planning is going well this year! I know that it isn’t always a fun thing, but it is a good thing!  I am enjoying working on my goals this year thanks to resources like this one!


God Bless!

Lee Ann


SideSync for Videos

Recently I started making some videos to go along with my blog.  I did a little research and decided that I would save up for a camera and use my cell phone, the Samsung S7.   Because I have played around with photography in the past, I had some basic equipment, such as a tripod and a constant light set.  One problem that occurred was that I could not see if I was in focus when I took video of myself.  At first I just took the video and then checked the footage.

This brought me back to buying a new camera and that was something that wasn’t going to happen in the near future.  One salesman advised me that to get a camera that made better video than my phone, I would have to spend a decent amount of money.  This sent me back to the drawing board.  In my research, aka googling, I found the app SideSync, by Samsung.  It was the answer for which I had been searching.


Basically, SideSync will allow Samsung smart phone owners to connect their phones to their computers.  Not only can you see your phone on the computer but you can control it also.  You can literally use your keyboard to type out emails or text messages!  This may not be exciting to you but it is to me because when I pick up my phone to answer a text I always end up on FaceBook.  Then the time just disappears! POOF!  If I am working on my computer, this will allow me to stay on it and not get distracted.

SideSync also allows you to see yourself when you are in video or picture mode.  This is the main reason I use this software.  I can see myself on my laptop while I video and know what is or isn’t in frame or focus.


You download the app on your phone and go to Samsung’s page HERE to install the software on your computer.  It uses your WIFI or USB cable to connect and then you are off!  It is a very simple process.


This shows how SideSync looks when my phone is connected and I am viewing the phone screen.


Well, I hope that this helps someone else with their video quest!  If you use this or something similar, let me know in the comments!

God Bless

Lee Ann



Honey Teriyaki Chicken with Rice (in the Instant Pot!)

I am really enjoying some of these easy meals from our challenge group menu plans.  It is so nice to not have to think about it.  Today, I want to show tell you about the honey teriyaki chicken and rice.  The recipe is from Fabulously Frugal and you can find it HERE.  The great thing about this recipe is that she tells you how to fix it in the Instant Pot on her blog! Yay!



Sometimes it is hard to have everything on hand for all of the recipes we like to try.  I have gotten less scared of substituting ingredients and actually see it as a challenge.  For this recipe, I didn’t have rice wine vinegar but I did have white wine vinegar so I used that.  Also, I completely forgot the chopped onions!  Oops!  But it didn’t matter, it was still really good.

If you have two Instant Pots, then you can make the chicken and the rice at the same time. Go you!  If you only have one like me, then I am going to suggest you make the rice first and keep it warm in another pot.  Give it a quick clean and spray it to get ready for the chicken.  It will only take 15 minutes once it comes to pressure.

You will have cooked chicken breasts at the end and you can either shred them or leave them whole like we did.  If you want it for lunch, then it may be easier to pack if it is shredded.

I hope you are enjoying these quick little reviews of Instant Pot recipes, I know I am!  The Instant Pot or any pressure cooker really, can be scary to some.  Hopefully, I can help some people get rid of that fear and get to cooking in their IP!

God bless!

Lee Ann