New craft space

Well, this is the beginning of me moving my stuff to another room.  I quickly outgrew the third bedroom where I had my sewing machine and craft goodies.  So sinc we are not at a place where I can move into my permanent place ( a long room in the basement that will be just for my crafting!!), I moved into a bigger spare bedroom!  LOL  🙂  It works for me, for now!
I made a visit to Ikea yesterday and got a rail to hang a few things on and a few small items to personalize for gifts for friends.  I had the pleasure of introducing another friend to Ikea!  🙂  She was overwhelmed as we all are the first time we go!  Anyway,  the rail and a shelf are on the wall and ready to be filled. 
Next I will attempt to go through my remnant stash and my fabric stash and try to organize them somehow.  🙂  Wish me luck!
My Cricut has a home on the dresser all of it’s own and I will make a rack to go on the shelf above for my vinyl pieces.  My MIL has a sign business so I get some of her vinyl scraps!!  Woo hoo!! 
Well, time to rest and get ready for tomorrow.  I have a couple projects to get done for the weekend so I need my space operable!
Bon nuit!

New craft space


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