Some sunshine on a cloudy day

Well, almost sunshine; it is actually sunflowers.  🙂

I finished this dress today and really like how it turned out.  I picked the fabric because my friend loves sunflowers and it is for her little girl.  It is way too BIG for her right now but I can see a fun photo session come summer in a patch of sunflowers!!  🙂
I didn’t “make” the headband however I did get it and the flower and then attach the flower to the headband!  hehe 
I finished the dress just in time to make BBQ Chicken Pizza for supper.  I got the recipe from Jamie Cooks it Up! and she adapted it from Pioneer Woman..  Well, I somewhat combined and therefore “adapting” the recipe again!  LOL  We didn’t have any Sweet Baby Ray’s (sshh don’t tell Jamie!) so I used the hickory smoked bbq sauce my DH brought home.  Also, I made the red sauce to go on the pizza and then put bbq sauce on that.  My DH loved it and I thought it was pretty good!  🙂
So not only do we have sunflowers to look at (even if temporarily!), but we also had a little summer BBQ to brighten up our day!  (It really needed it too, raining all day!)
Have a blessed and lovely evening!
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