WIP Wednesday #5 and a question

Well, I haven’t made a lot of progress this past week but I have done a little. 

Sunflower dress for my friend’s little girl

Card and candle for a friend’s birthday
Card and purse for a friend’s little girl who turned 3

Projects in progress:
Dress for Queensland raffle
Canvas for a friend’s daughters room
Baby changing pad (still haven’t sewn that snap on!)

Yet to start:
Fabric headband (found that tut yesterday)
Zippered pouch
Camera strap cover (need to find that tut again!)
Hats for 2 friends
Hat for me and work on the pattern for it
Work on pattern for idea in my head for a little girl’s dress (this would be easier if I had a little girl!)

Well, I think this is all at least it is for now!!  🙂 

Now for my question, I am researching embroidery/sewing machines.  So far I am looking at the Singer Futura 150/250 models.  This is for a future (way future) purchase but I like to do my research.  Any thoughts on any machine or on these specific ones would greatly be appreciated!  I have a Singer now and love it so that is why I started there.

Thanks and have a very blessed day!!!  Don’t forget to check out other links!



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