WIP Wedneday

Well, my WIP list is a little bit of a repeat.  My husband has been sick since last Wednesday night.  I have managed to get a few things done, but when I say sick; I mean in the bed.  The doctor said it was a virus and he was through the worst of it on Monday.  He has only had a minimal fever at times the last two days, like 99.  So, here is my WIP for this week.

1. The deck – woo hoo! Actually, the deck was finished but now we have finished the retaining walls that go along with it.
2. The front door was painted to a lovely green color (well, mostly I just need to take a little brush for a couple spots the painter’s tape messed up)

3.  One rocking chair painted with an exterior paint so it can reside on the lovely new deck.

4. A reversible bag (read here about it)
5. Zippered pouch

6. Soap dispenser upcycle 🙂 (read here about it)
In progress: (phew, here goes!)
1.  Plumbing, since J has been sick we haven’t made any progress here.  I don’t have the knowledge.
2.  Sheetrock, again since plumbing has to be done first, no progress here.
3.  Mudding sheetrock, and yes I count this separate because it is a big job
4.  Organizing bathroom closet (need a few more plastic shoeboxes – Dollar Tree time!) 
5.  Fun craft with little plastic bottles  🙂
6.  Skirt for me- the pattern is cut out and waiting
7.  Black onesie with heart on it, waiting to be stitched
8. Creating a logo for my blog and selling adventures:  what do you think of this one (draft#2)?
Yet to be started: (well, I think about them, does that count for anything?)
1.  Wall hanging quilt forFIL
2.  Zippered pouch for MIL
3.  Zippered pouch for friend
4.  Car garbage bag for friend
5.  Going home outfits for friend that is having twin girls
6.  Long list of things to take to festival to sell (more info on this coming soon!)

I am sure I am forgetting something but this will have to do or now.  It makes my anxiety level go up looking at it!! But it also makes me smile because they are all things I enjoy doing!!


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