Hoo Are You?

This is fun to me to read each other’s answers, so I am participating in Hoo Are You? this week.  🙂

1. Do you pay your bills online or through snail mail?
Mostly online.  I tend to forget things so I try to schedule everything when I get it.2. How many email accounts do you have?
I have three but only use 2 actively.3. Do you use XM/Sirius, radio, ipod, CD, or etc.. in your vehicle?
I use my ipod most everywhere.  I am not fond of the radio because most of the time I would rather hear music than people talking.  There are exceptions though.4.  What shows are sparking your interest on TV right now?
Well, we don’t have TV so I guess none.5. Name 3 things that you think of when you hear the word “GREEN”! 

broccoli, fabric or reusable shopping bags and St Patrick’s Day.

Your turn!  Go link up and see what everyone is saying.
Lee Ann


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