Hard days

Timing is something that can be good, bad or just unusual.  Last week, I posted for the first in a long time.  I posted about our family and where we are right now.   I mentioned that we were expecting our third child.  My daughter has been wanting a little sister and I told her to pray to God about that.  Well, a couple weeks ago, we found out I lost the baby.  I was very early but it was still such a shock not having any problems with my first two pregnancies.  It has definitely been a time for hard days.

I have found though, that I turned to the Lord for strength and He has helped me tremendously.  It is not to say I haven’t gone through several emotions, because I have definitely done that.  The weirdest things trigger a cry fest.  Our parents came and helped me with the children to give me time to process.  I am blessed for sure.

Something I learned from a friend is that 1 in 4 women suffer a miscarriage.  Another friend said she was proud that I posted what happened because so many women have suffered in silence.  So these two reasons are what is pushing me to do this post.  Reach out to a friend if you are in this place, find someone to talk to about it.  You will be surprised who might have already been through it.  Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to you or me, but statistically, it is going to happen to someone close to us if not us.

Take a few minutes to yourself, longer if you can and allow yourself to process.  It is what really helped me.  I cried and prayed to the Lord.  At times it was good but at other times it wasn’t so pretty.   We are all different and process differently, but we all need to do it.  One friend shared with me that she and her husband pushed their emotions down when they had a miscarriage.  Later, when their daughter was sick, it all came back up and they had so many more emotions.

I am sure there will be more hard days to come, but I also know I will be able to handle it with the Lord and my family’s support.

Good day and God bless!
Lee Ann


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