Happy Mail!! My very first EC!!

Well, after seeing Erin Condren (and by seeing, I mean on social media) and her interaction at an international planning conference, I decided I needed to order an Erin Condren for myself.  (If you are wondering about the conference, it was Geaux Wild, hosted by Planners Gone Wild and looked the best time ever!)

So, on launch day, June 1, I began trying my luck as soon as the site showed the life planners available.  My luck didn’t work so well that morning but early afternoon, it pushed through.  I ordered it and a few accessories as fast as I could!  So fast, I didn’t pay attention to my name personalization and really wanted it a tad different.  As my daughter would say, oh poodle!

Today, I got my pretty purple box!!  Which is amazing, considering the amount of orders they must have had on launch day and since!

I am in LOVE with my new Erin Condren goodies!!  As I mentioned, I ordered some of the new accessories. In my order were some of the mini bookmarks, the new wet erase markers, the new sticker book, the sticky  notes and some of the snap in dashboards.
Mini bookmarks
wet erase markers

new sticker book
snap-in dashboards
snap-in sticky notes

And of course, I got my planner!  I ordered the colorful hourly 18 month planner with the mid-century circles cover.  Although it is taking some time to adjust to the hourly planning, I am in love with it!

I recorded an unboxing video and I will say it took about 3 tries before I got a decent video so things were already open!  In my video I show you the accessories and planner in detail.
Here is the link to my YouTube video:

Hope you enjoyed it! God bless and have a good day!


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