Planners everywhere! Which one and what to do with it?

About this time last year, I fell into the hole of planners very similar to Alice in Wonderland.  I have yet to emerge from that hole and not sure that I ever will.  It is like those people that give you the samples or taste of something, once you get that little bite, you are done for!  Just put it in the cart and move to the next one!  LOL

A few of the planners mentioned! 
But seriously, planning is about finding the system that works well for you.  I am looking really hard for the best one for me.  I started by making my own planner last July out of a leather binder.  I just went on Google and found a lot of free printables.  I found calendars, cleaning pages, financial pages and a lot more.  
There are so many options for planning and it can easily overwhelm you, but if you take time and look around, you will find what works for you.  I have gone through several planners buying and then selling them or giving them away to be able to buy the next one.

I started with the binder I mentioned above and then moved on to the Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas.  I really liked this planner but I couldn’t customize how I needed to so that it would fit our family.  I did get the fitness and recipe planners they have also.  Next I moved to the ringed binders, both an A5 size and a personal size.  You can find tons of free printables and then just print them to the size you need and hole punch them to fit.

my faux-leather binder

Coil planners are probably the most common ones you will see around.  I have a Day Designer I got at Target that is a daily planner and an Erin Condren hourly weekly planner.  They are both great planners with different purposes.

Travelers’ Notebooks are the new black.  You can find them everywhere in the planner community and for a good reason.  You can put a lot or a little and whatever your heart desires in it.  There are several sizes so you can have a larger one to write in or a small one for a wallet.

This year, Me & My Big Ideas, introduced a Big Happy Planner and I didn’t see a need until recently.  It has a specific purpose in my arsenal and I look forward to starting it next month.

Are you getting the picture here?  There are all sizes and shapes of planners, just waiting for you to find the one (or three) that work for you!  Some things I like separate but for the most part I like it all together.  Currently, I use my Erin Condren as my home planner and leave it sitting out most days.  I have a travelers’ notebook that is my EDC (every day carry).  We also have a budget binder and I have a notebook for goals.  I also have notebooks that have other purposes.  It is a system and the best thing is to find what works for you and your family.  I have even sat down and planned out how I need to plan.  We are in a period of re-evaluating and streamlining things in our family so this is a big part of it for me.

Hopefully soon I will make a video on the planners I have used and why I am using what I am using now.  When I do, I will edit to include the link here.

God Bless and have a great day!
Lee Ann


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