30 Day Purge

So last week on my instagram I posted that I want to join in on a 30 day purge.


I was supposed to start yesterday but I didn’t.  It looks like I may be playing catch up just a little.  OOPS!

If you want to know more about the purge, click HERE and visit A Bowl Full of Lemons blog.  She provides a list of items in and around your house to purge each day.  The idea is to take out at least one bag of stuff each day and help with the clutter.  I did a little bit in our bedroom today and got rid of one bag so that’s a start.  Yesterday was shoes and I haven’t gotten there yet.  I will come back to it this weekend after our company leaves.

Clutter has always been a problem for me for two reasons.  One, my brain jumps from one thing to another quickly and I have trouble finishing things.  Two, I like stuff.  There I admitted it.  This comes at a good time for us because we are doing this across all of our things.  Inside and out.  It is just taking us a long time.  Hopefully, this challenge will help get me rolling on the declutter track!

If you join in, be sure and tag me on IG @lifestyledbyleeann and also there are a couple of hashtags for the purge, #30bagpurge and #30bagchallenge.  Also, don’t forget to tag the creator @abowlfulloflemons.

God bless and have a good day!

Lee Ann


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