Booo! Halloween 2016

(Edit:  This was supposed to post last week but I had issues with the laptop so here we are! Better late than never, right?!)

This year we participated in dressing up and having fun at our church’s Trunk n Treat event.  My daughter wanted to be a purple butterfly princess fairy!  I mean come on, who wouldn’t?  She was adorable of course!  I picked Robin Hood for my son because at 2, he couldn’t really say and he likes the animated movie.

I found a tutorial on google for Hershel’s costume and Esther’s was pretty simple just finding wings and a tiara.  Oh and the sparkly skirt.

The tutorial is located HERE on the blog, Jen Spends Less.  She goes through how she created Robin Hood and Fryar Tuck costumes for her sons.  It was a great tutorial and made it easy to recreate.  And I of course, waited until Monday to actually do it. Procrastinate much?

The really good thing is I had almost everything for their costumes, I only had to buy a pair of pants for Hershel and dollar store accessories for Esther.  I did go back and get some makeup to paint a butterfly on her face.


So, we had a lot of fun at the Trunk n Treat and our fishing trunk went well also.

Here is my fisherman, reluctant Robin Hood and Purple Butterfly Princess Fairy.


My fisherman, reluctant Robin Hood and purple butterfly princess fairy!

You can see in the picture, Hershel isn’t too thrilled with his costume.  I had to bribe him for the picture.  Literally seconds after this picture, he was throwing it in the van!! Oh well, he looked cute anyway!

God bless and have a great day!

Lee Ann



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