God Centered Mom Podcast

Have you ever read or listened to something that affected you immediately?  That happened to me on my walk when I listened to a podcast by God Centered Mom featuring Lara Casey from Cultivate What Matters.  I found Lara Casey last year around this time in the planner community because of her goal worksheets, PowerSheets.  I was very impressed with her faith and realness as a wife, mother and a business woman.  In the last few weeks I have started listening to podcasts instead of music when I walk.  I asked some friends and someone suggested Heather MacFadyen’s blog and podcasts at God Centered Mom.


I have really enjoyed her podcasts and they have become a favorite of mine.  So, when I was looking for one to download and listen to for today’s walk and I found an interview with Lara Casey, it was a no-brainer!    If you have been in the position of waiting on God’s plan or maybe trying to balance motherhood with work or a business, then this is a good one for  you!  In this interview, they talk about Lara’s story of her business and becoming a mother to three littles.  I won’t go into it, but HERE is the link for the podcast.  Do yourself a favor and go listen to it!!  It will bless you in so many ways!

Happy New Year and God Bless!!


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