Van reorganization

If you are like me, you are still recovering from the holiday season!  My house and van are definitely still recovering!  So, today I decided to clean out and redo my emergency bag for the back.  After multiple trips, it had gotten mixed up and needed a refresh.  (Don’t we all?).


This is the back after I had cleaned it out some. 

I want to say, I was inspired last year by Samantha over at Happily a Housewife to clean out my van and set up an emergency bag.  So when you get a minute, check out her blog.  Above, you can see my bag, some water and my reusable shopping bags.  I am using a Thirty-One bag for mine with little baskets to divide it from Dollar Tree.


The insides

In the first basket, I have diapers, wipes and the little bags to put dirty diapers in so they don’t smell.  I have two toddlers so this is important to have even though we still carry a diaper bag.  I can’t tell you how many times we have robbed this basket because we forgot to restock the diaper bag, or forgot the diaper bag altogether!  I also have some pullups for my daughter if she has an accident even though she is potty trained.

First aid kits are important to have so there is one in the second basket.  Included is a basic first aid kit plus a few things.  Clorox wipes are important to have around for those germy times!  Some fun band-aids are usually in there also.

In the last basket are extra clothes and some hair stuff for my daughter.  I also have a few snacks that are safe to stay in the van like goldfish.  You will also notice an extra pair of my husbands sunglasses.  Normally they aren’t there but I decided to leave them because he can never find them when we leave to go somewhere.

So, what I did was to go through the baskets and clean them out and put things back in ziploc bags.  I am a huge fan of ziploc bags!  One thing that was needed, was to change out the extra clothes bags for the kids.  I had summer clothes in there.  I will say though, since we live in the South, I decided to have short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, shorts and pants.  Hopefully, this will cover what we need!


I also got rid of the bottles of water I had in the bag and replaced them with new ones.  I wrote the date on the bottles with a Sharpie so I would know for sure when they were put in the van.  (Love sharpies!!)

Lastly, I organized my shopping bags and put them in the big insulated Sam’s bag.   We have a battery charger for the van that we keep in it and I pulled it out to charge it but it usually stays right behind the seats.  Next to it, we also have an emergency tool kit (the red bag) for roadside needs. Oh and my standing stroller is a double side-by-side that I bungee to the side of the van so it stays in place and gives me a little more room.


Here is the finished product!  It made me feel so much better and only took about 30 minutes!  I want to utilize the pockets in the back a little more for things for the kids to entertain them.  Another day!  One day when the weather is better, I will do a quick walk through on YouTube.  When I do, I will come back and link it here.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!  I always love finding new tips!

God bless and have a great day!


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