When You “Teach” Your Kids

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are teaching your child/ren and you hear bells go off?  As in, are you listening to what you are saying? Really listening?

I had one of those moments this week.  My sweet little girl is just like me, God bless her!  I had printed and tried to cut some stickers this weekend and my silhouette was pitching a hissy fit.  The result is several mis-cut pages or partial pages.  My daughter is quick to grab these up for her planner.  Yes, at 4 years old, she has her own planner she decorates! (Proud momma moment!).

So, on to the moment!  She was putting stickers in her EDC (every day carry) when her little brother wandered over to see what she was doing.  As he peered over her book to see, a drop of his apple juice fell on one of her stickers! The horrors!  At least you would think it was a horror by her reaction, wailing and tears ensued.  When I got to her to see what was wrong, you know which limb was broken by the indication of the caterwauling I could hear, I saw the situation.  I told her it was okay, it was just a little spot.  Oh no, it must come out! It was ruined!  There was juice on her sticker!  She was going to cover it with another sticker or tear out the page.  It was a disaster!


At this point, I started to talk about embracing the imperfection and appreciating it because it was a reminder of how much her brother loves her.  He just wants to be with her and do what she is doing.


It hit me, how often I must do this for her to pick up on it and to be honest, she sounded just like me.  When I am decorating my planner, I am very particular.  I have removed and replaced countless stickers and washi because they weren’t perfect.


Example: I made a sheet of tracker stickers and forgot to turn off the red border color. Instead of wasting them I am using them.


And let’s just take it a step further.  How many times have I not invited someone over because my house isn’t neat and clean? Or at least like I think it should be?  How many times have I not gone somewhere because I didn’t have time to get ready and the kids and the snacks?

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if our house is perfect.  It doesn’t matter if our clothes have this morning’s breakfast on them.  It doesn’t matter if we didn’t have time to bake our powder or contour all angles.

What matters is the memories.  What matters is the relationships.  What matters is the laughter or the tears.  What matters are the moments.

So the next time your little wants to help put that sticker down, let them.  It may not be perfect.  It may not even be on the right page, but they will love it.  You will love it too when you step back and look at it.  And you will love it even more when it is a keepsake of your days and you are looking back at it.


My daily page with a sticker my daughter put down for me.

So in the words of Ms. Frizzle, “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!”  But most of all, live the life you have; don’t just plan for it.

God bless,

Lee Ann



2 thoughts on “When You “Teach” Your Kids

  1. Out of my 3 Lil divas I have one planner girl. You’re right makes a mama proud. I am learning daily from teaching my Lil ones sometimes it’s reiteration and sometimes it’s AHA moments but always learning. Great reminder


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