Honey Teriyaki Chicken with Rice (in the Instant Pot!)

I am really enjoying some of these easy meals from our challenge group menu plans.  It is so nice to not have to think about it.  Today, I want to show tell you about the honey teriyaki chicken and rice.  The recipe is from Fabulously Frugal and you can find it HERE.  The great thing about this recipe is that she tells you how to fix it in the Instant Pot on her blog! Yay!



Sometimes it is hard to have everything on hand for all of the recipes we like to try.  I have gotten less scared of substituting ingredients and actually see it as a challenge.  For this recipe, I didn’t have rice wine vinegar but I did have white wine vinegar so I used that.  Also, I completely forgot the chopped onions!  Oops!  But it didn’t matter, it was still really good.

If you have two Instant Pots, then you can make the chicken and the rice at the same time. Go you!  If you only have one like me, then I am going to suggest you make the rice first and keep it warm in another pot.  Give it a quick clean and spray it to get ready for the chicken.  It will only take 15 minutes once it comes to pressure.

You will have cooked chicken breasts at the end and you can either shred them or leave them whole like we did.  If you want it for lunch, then it may be easier to pack if it is shredded.

I hope you are enjoying these quick little reviews of Instant Pot recipes, I know I am!  The Instant Pot or any pressure cooker really, can be scary to some.  Hopefully, I can help some people get rid of that fear and get to cooking in their IP!

God bless!

Lee Ann



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