SideSync for Videos

Recently I started making some videos to go along with my blog.  I did a little research and decided that I would save up for a camera and use my cell phone, the Samsung S7.   Because I have played around with photography in the past, I had some basic equipment, such as a tripod and a constant light set.  One problem that occurred was that I could not see if I was in focus when I took video of myself.  At first I just took the video and then checked the footage.

This brought me back to buying a new camera and that was something that wasn’t going to happen in the near future.  One salesman advised me that to get a camera that made better video than my phone, I would have to spend a decent amount of money.  This sent me back to the drawing board.  In my research, aka googling, I found the app SideSync, by Samsung.  It was the answer for which I had been searching.


Basically, SideSync will allow Samsung smart phone owners to connect their phones to their computers.  Not only can you see your phone on the computer but you can control it also.  You can literally use your keyboard to type out emails or text messages!  This may not be exciting to you but it is to me because when I pick up my phone to answer a text I always end up on FaceBook.  Then the time just disappears! POOF!  If I am working on my computer, this will allow me to stay on it and not get distracted.

SideSync also allows you to see yourself when you are in video or picture mode.  This is the main reason I use this software.  I can see myself on my laptop while I video and know what is or isn’t in frame or focus.


You download the app on your phone and go to Samsung’s page HERE to install the software on your computer.  It uses your WIFI or USB cable to connect and then you are off!  It is a very simple process.


This shows how SideSync looks when my phone is connected and I am viewing the phone screen.


Well, I hope that this helps someone else with their video quest!  If you use this or something similar, let me know in the comments!

God Bless

Lee Ann




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