Goals and Your Destiny

Last week I started my goals series with a giveaway!  Today I want to discuss your destiny!  Well, maybe not your destiny as a whole but more specifically, Design Your Destiny 2017 by Sublime Reflection.  Kimberly Job is the owner of Sublime Reflection and the author of Design Your Destiny.  Several weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing 2 free resources and 2 paid resources.  Design Your Destiny 2017 was one of the free resources I listed but since then it has become a paid resource.  The workbook is now listed at $5.99 on the website.  In my opinion, it is well worth the price.


In the workbook, that is provided to you in pdf format, you start with last year.  Kimberly has you delve into 2016 and with detailed questions, prepares you for 2017.  I really think this is an important step that some people seem to overlook.  After the review of last year, you will have a section to just write your thoughts on paper for the current year.  It is vital to just get all of your ideas out so you can sort through them and decide what is at the top of your list.  In the third section, Kimberly helps you determine goals, and what might keep you from reaching for them.  This section has unique questions to help you in the process.

After brainstorming and working on your goals, Kimberly guides you to choosing your word of the year.  Again, I really like the way she helps you think about your word and narrowing down your choices.

Now the last two sections of the workbook are my favorite!  Basically you will work on an action plan and the tools you need to make your goals a success!  In my opinion, this is the most important part.  How many times have you set down and worked on your goals and came up with a nice pretty goals page to have it stop there?  I know I have been guilty of this many times.  Kimberly provides the steps and tools to help you turn this pretty page of goals (but we all like a pretty, decorated goals page, right?), into the steps of an actionable plan.

Design Your Destiny is a great, reasonably priced resource for helping you to determine your goals as well as how to start working on them.  I have printed my workbook and put it in a goal notebook that I use weekly at least if not more often.  I used some extra Happy Planner rings and covers to create my goal notebook.



I hope your goal planning is going well this year! I know that it isn’t always a fun thing, but it is a good thing!  I am enjoying working on my goals this year thanks to resources like this one!


God Bless!

Lee Ann



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