Do you Remember Christmas?

The other day my daughter was running around putting stickers on everything she could find, including me.  She had found a sheet of Christmas stickers she had somehow missed.  She had no idea, but she opened Pandora’s box by asking that question.

I will never forget this past Christmas.  It was fun and the kids had a blast at my parent’s house.  They loved running around their land playing and even rolling around the shallow end of the pond.  We made Daddy’s favorite cake for our Christmas meal.  We put up a small tree that used to belong to my grandmother and put tiny decorations on it.

But for me, it wasn’t what we did or what was there but who wasn’t there.  It was the first Christmas without my mother.  I still can’t believe she is gone and singing in the streets of gold in Heaven.  It all seems a blur because it happened so fast.  I am still trying to catch my breath to be honest.

Daddy and I lived in the hospital with her for three weeks.  At the time, it seemed like such a long time; but now it seems like the blink of an eye.  She was diagnosed from the pain in her back and knee in the emergency room and admitted in November.  On December 4, she left us and joined so many others of our family in Heaven already.  So, so fast.

If you had the blessing of knowing my mother, you knew she was a private person that cared so much about others.  Sacrifice was a way of life for her.  She gave up so that others could have their wants or desires.  She couldn’t stand social media to be honest, but she always asked about my cousins and what they had posted lately.  She loved our family and wanted to know how they were doing.  And to that, she didn’t want an obituary or anything about her passing published.  She wanted people to remember her living.

And we will.  I will show her picture to the kids so they remember Granny and how much she loved them.  And love them she did.  She would call and just listen while the kids carried on in the background.  She loved hearing them talk and have a time.  And sometimes she would tell me to hush so she could hear them!  She always wanted a new picture if I didn’t send one.  I so miss those daily talks.  Sometimes it was two or three times a day.  What I wouldn’t give to hear her one more time.

Do I remember Christmas? Yes, my little princess, I will never forget it.

God bless

Lee Ann



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