Blessings from Scripture

In the last few months, I have found and been using a great resource for my daily quiet time.  If you haven’t seen the website Sweet Blessings, you should hop over and take a look!  Shannon is the lady behind Sweet Blessings and she sounds like someone I would like to meet in real life.  She is a wife, mother and a cancer survivor and through everything she says she is truly blessed by Jesus!  I love this attitude!

sweet blessings

Shannon posts monthly scripture writing lists and this is what initially drew me to her site.  There is a post for each month that may be topic based or based around a holiday such as Christmas.  Here is the link for the most recent one and the one that is topic based is here.  I am using the topic based one for this month and it is on grace.  Basically, the idea is to write a scripture down every day to help you take the time in God’s word.  She also provides a free worksheet for you to use for writing the scripture.

But before you think that is all there is on this site, stop!  Shannon writes posts that she feels help her and others in the moment.  The one that has stuck with me is on forgiveness.  It is difficult to forgive others but also ourselves.  I loved reading her post on this and was like a salve on a wound on my heart.

Shannon also had some other printables on her website such as chalkboard verses.  I plan on printing those out and putting them around to help me focus on God’s word.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful resource and it helps you get closer to the Lord!

God Bless,

Lee Ann



Days that go Up and Down

Wow! What a day!  Twice yesterday, I got all excited and then let down.  I posted on my Facebook and Twitter a question, what do you do when you feel like the day is going wrong?
So far I have received a variety of answers, but all of them encouraging to me. 
  • Moment by moment, with lots of prayer!
  • Go back to bed and take a nap, or at least take a few moments to stretch and take a deep breath!
  • Go back to bed, take a nap and then pray when you get up.
  • Prayer!
  • Take it easy!

Yesterday morning I didn’t do my quiet time for real, it was more like a sleepy email time.  I believe this is why I have been out of sorts today.  If I had taken the time to pray and read my devotion, I believe I would have handled these disappointments better.  I mean really, how important is a smartphone in the total scheme of things?  The crib is a little more important situation (we thought we had found one like we wanted for a good price), but even at that, I need to trust that God will work it all out.
My attitude directs my responses to my day and everyone around me.  My attitude is set by my heart and my heart is directly connected to my time with God.  So, at lunch we (me and the baby) took a few minutes to reconnect my heart and attitude. 
Hopefully, this will reinforce the importance of my morning quiet time in my brain.  Everyone has been saying I need to learn to take naps for when the baby is born, so a nap attempt is good too!