Mississippi Chicken in the Instant Pot

Last week, I saw a video on YouTube by Kimmy from She’s in Her Apron where she prepared a recipe called Mississippi Chicken.  She used her crockpot to prepare it but I wanted to try  it in my Instant Pot.  You know how I love my Instant Pot!!  You can check out her video HERE and the Instant Pot HERE.

Kimmy got the recipe from the website recipesthatcrock.com and HERE is the link for it.  It lists all of the ingredients and portions.  But basically you use frozen chicken thighs, a ranch dressing packet, a brown gravy packet, butter and pepperoncinis.


All the ingredients, except butter.  Can you believe I forgot butter???

Okay, so the first thing I did differently was use frozen chicken breasts instead of frozen chicken thighs.  When I bought these chicken breasts apparently I was in a hurry because they were still in the original packaging inside the vacuum sealed package. MISTAKE!  It took more than a minute to get the tray and little pad thing off of the back of them.

Once I got the package off, I just broke off  one chicken breast to fit it down in the pot.  I did use the trivet to set the chicken on and put about a cup of water down in the bottom.  Mix up the ranch and brown gravy packets and spread them over the chicken.  Then you slice up the butter and place it around on the chicken.  Lastly put the pepperoncinis on top of it all!  I used sliced ones but the recipe calls for whole ones.  I don’t think it matters either way.


Before cooking once it is all in the pot!

So, I put it on manual for 18 minutes and let it do a natural pressure release for 20 minutes.  And it took about 25 minutes to come to pressure.  Now some people will say that you didn’t save any time doing this, but keep in mind that I started with frozen chicken and I didn’t have to touch the pot once I set the time on it.  🙂


After cooking!

So for our supper this night, I roasted some broccoli and cauliflower with a little olive oil, garlic powder and salt and pepper.  Yummy!!! And some homemade dinner rolls!


So it was a success!  It was a tasty dinner that my husband and I enjoyed a lot.  If you try it, be sure and let me know!!

Also, are there any recipes you enjoy that you would like to see done in the Instant Pot?  I can’t promise but I will try to do an Instant Pot version.

Have a great day and God bless!

Lee Ann


Instant Pot, but for real!!

So a while back I mentioned the Instant Pot briefly because it was on sale.  I want to revisit this jewel of a find.  Well, I guess it wasn’t really a find since a few friends had one and told me how much they love theirs.  It doesn’t matter, this thing is A-MA-ZING!!!

My 6 quart Instant Pot with my 7 quart crockpot

Anyone who values their time ( ahem, everyone!) and cooks could use this appliance.  It will save you a ton of time two different ways.  The first way is obvious, it is a  pressure cooker so yes, it cooks faster. Dried beans in one hour!!  From bag to bowl in ONE hour.  The second way is that while it cooks, you are free to do other things.  It isn’t something you have to watch once you start it.  You press the button and walk off.  You can also, program to come on at a certain time, though I haven’t used this function yet.

A few of the meals I have prepared and loved are one-pot spaghetti, steak and gravy, beans and rice with sausage, and stuffed peppers.  Oh and don’t let me forget, lemon blueberry cheesecake. YES, cheesecake!

My  husband has loved everything that has come out of the pot, but my son has a preference for spaghetti so we make it at least once a week.  With the instant pot, I use one pot and after sauteing the meat, I put it in and walk away until I hear the beep.

I would love to say that I used the instructions that cam with it and nothing else, but that wouldn’t be true.  Although the instructions are good and it did come with a recipe book, my favorite place to find out how to prepare something is a Facebook group called Instant Pot Community.  It is a a public group so anyone can join.  The reason I like the group over the actual page is the search feature.  I can search for what I want to cook and get a list of posts.  Click HERE to take you to that page.

I will also include a link to the Instant Pot on Amazon for you to check it out.  Yes, it is an affiliate link but I choose what I put here and it won’t be something I don’t love!

This is a link to the one I have:  http://amzn.to/2e8TXXr

But I will add, they now have an 8 quart that I would like to add to the family!  At the very least, I want to get another inner pot for it so I can just take it out and start the next thing.  Especially cooking something like beans and rice or rice and anything!

Well, I hope you can appreciate my love for my Instant Pot!  This pressure cooker has changed our mealtime so much!  If you have one or get one, let me know what you think about it!

God bless and have a good day!
Lee Ann

My favorite new appliance, the Instant Pot!!

We recently got an Instant Pot pressure cooker on Amazon Prime Day, and I love, love, love this thing!!!  Seriously, it is amazing!  I recently made stuffed bell peppers and it took a fraction of the time,  Actually, I cooked them a little too long and the peppers just fell apart.  I have cooked one pot spaghetti, pork chops, honey chicken, taco spiced chicken, apple pie oatmeal and of course, my favorite, lemon blueberry cheesecake!!

The Instant Pot has saved a lot of time for me and I have only had it a few weeks.  I have learned a lot in a Facebook group for it and there are several you can find, just search Instant Pot.  I like a group over community because you have the search function.  It is so much fun, daily I find my self saving links or posts for recipes or ideas that I want to try.

I am sure there are a lot of YouTube videos but I haven’t really searched.  There is one gentleman I like watching and I found him through the group I am in.  Here is a link to one of his videos, it is actually his get to know the instant pot video. 🙂

One thing that is on my list to cook is ribs!  My dad has always slow-cooked and smoked ribs that are delicious so I have never tried cooking them myself.  With two toddlers, I don’t have time to babysit a cooker.  Also, I want to try a roast.  It is actually high on my list.

Trust me, this thing is worth it!! I try to find things I can use it for because I know it will save time!  I really want to get the 8 quart one now.

The link above is an associate link, but honestly, the Instant Pot is the best thing since sliced bread!

Have a great evening and hope you enjoy it if you get it!  I know I have! God bless!

Lee Ann