When You “Teach” Your Kids

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are teaching your child/ren and you hear bells go off?  As in, are you listening to what you are saying? Really listening?

I had one of those moments this week.  My sweet little girl is just like me, God bless her!  I had printed and tried to cut some stickers this weekend and my silhouette was pitching a hissy fit.  The result is several mis-cut pages or partial pages.  My daughter is quick to grab these up for her planner.  Yes, at 4 years old, she has her own planner she decorates! (Proud momma moment!).

So, on to the moment!  She was putting stickers in her EDC (every day carry) when her little brother wandered over to see what she was doing.  As he peered over her book to see, a drop of his apple juice fell on one of her stickers! The horrors!  At least you would think it was a horror by her reaction, wailing and tears ensued.  When I got to her to see what was wrong, you know which limb was broken by the indication of the caterwauling I could hear, I saw the situation.  I told her it was okay, it was just a little spot.  Oh no, it must come out! It was ruined!  There was juice on her sticker!  She was going to cover it with another sticker or tear out the page.  It was a disaster!


At this point, I started to talk about embracing the imperfection and appreciating it because it was a reminder of how much her brother loves her.  He just wants to be with her and do what she is doing.


It hit me, how often I must do this for her to pick up on it and to be honest, she sounded just like me.  When I am decorating my planner, I am very particular.  I have removed and replaced countless stickers and washi because they weren’t perfect.


Example: I made a sheet of tracker stickers and forgot to turn off the red border color. Instead of wasting them I am using them.


And let’s just take it a step further.  How many times have I not invited someone over because my house isn’t neat and clean? Or at least like I think it should be?  How many times have I not gone somewhere because I didn’t have time to get ready and the kids and the snacks?

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if our house is perfect.  It doesn’t matter if our clothes have this morning’s breakfast on them.  It doesn’t matter if we didn’t have time to bake our powder or contour all angles.

What matters is the memories.  What matters is the relationships.  What matters is the laughter or the tears.  What matters are the moments.

So the next time your little wants to help put that sticker down, let them.  It may not be perfect.  It may not even be on the right page, but they will love it.  You will love it too when you step back and look at it.  And you will love it even more when it is a keepsake of your days and you are looking back at it.


My daily page with a sticker my daughter put down for me.

So in the words of Ms. Frizzle, “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!”  But most of all, live the life you have; don’t just plan for it.

God bless,

Lee Ann



Goal Planning after the New Year

I know what you are thinking, goal planning now? But it’s the end of January!  Shouldn’t we have already done this?  Well, some people have and some people haven’t.  And some people like me, have been doing since the beginning of the year!  I am really taking my time this year because I want goals that are meaningful to me.

If you have been following me, you know I reviewed some goal setting resources a few weeks ago.  If you didn’t get to read it, click HERE and take a look.  I talked about two free resources and two paid resources.  I am actually using one of each right now and I may use one more to help me later on in the process.  I am not sure about that though, so don’t hold me to it!

As I mentioned, I have used two of these products and so I am going to tell you how I used and how it worked for me in the next few weeks.  In one group I am in, someone asked the question, “are you a goal avoider or a goal junkie?”  Well, if you can’t tell I am a goal junkie because I really like planning and all things with the idea of planning or organization.  Where I have trouble is the follow through!  Just being real here, I can lay out a plan and then make it look great with stickers, but sometimes that is all that happens.  So this year, I am really “focusing” on my goals so that they are realistic and achievable.


But, I don’t want you to wait around until the end to be able to get started!  I am going to give away a Michael’s Recollection goal planner to one of you!  All you have to do is hop over to my instagram account (@lifestyledbyleeann), follow me and comment on the picture with the goal planner what is your most important area or thing you want to focus on this year!  Can’t wait to see your comments!  I will announce the winner on February 6 on my Instagram account, so the random drawing will end at midnight Eastern on February 5.

I will also come back here and link the other blog posts so it will be easy to follow along.

Have a great day and God bless!

Lee Ann





Quick and yummy! Cheesy Enchilada Quinoa in the Instant Pot

So, doesn’t the title alone make you hungry?  What about this picture?


This was my supper one day last week and it was easy to make and quick!  I am in a Plexus health challenge group this month and part of it involves meal planning.  We are given a  meal plan each week to work with when doing our own meal plans.

The cheesy enchilada quinoa was one of the recipes provided in the second week of our group.  It is actually a slow cooker recipe but I chose to use my Instant Pot (pressure cooker) to make it quicker for me.  Check it out HERE on Amazon, if you are interested in learning more or getting one.


The original recipe can be found HERE on Chelsea’s Messy Apron.


The recipe is great just as it is but usually I alter a few things when I am cooking.  The first thing is the meat, the recipe calls for ground turkey but I didn’t have any on hand so I subbed pulled pork because I had a ton left over from the weekend.  Corn was the second thing I swapped in the recipe because I didn’t have frozen.  I used a can of whole kernel.  Lastly, I did not put the cheese in the pot while it was cooking.

If you read the ingredients, you can see there are a few that can get spicy if you get carried away.  I didn’t realize the enchilada sauce I bought was spicy (which is fine with  me, but I have to be careful for my hubby).  One thing I did was rinse the rotel tomatoes to get a little spice out.  I also put just a shake of chili powder instead of what is listed.

Now, here is what I did!  I put the meat and all of the ingredients (except corn and cheese) in the Instant Pot, set it to manual for 15 minutes.  Once it finished, I let it slow release for a few minutes and then added the corn and mixed it in well.  After I put the corn in, I let it sit on warm for a little bit.  Once we got ready to eat, I added the cheese on the individual plates! Yum!  The reason for this is a dairy intolerance in the family.  My husband ate his over scoop tortilla chips and I ate mine over spinach.

So, see? It is so easy to use the Instant Pot and this recipe is delicious!  If you try it, let me know what you think!

God Bless!

Lee Ann


Van reorganization

If you are like me, you are still recovering from the holiday season!  My house and van are definitely still recovering!  So, today I decided to clean out and redo my emergency bag for the back.  After multiple trips, it had gotten mixed up and needed a refresh.  (Don’t we all?).


This is the back after I had cleaned it out some. 

I want to say, I was inspired last year by Samantha over at Happily a Housewife to clean out my van and set up an emergency bag.  So when you get a minute, check out her blog.  Above, you can see my bag, some water and my reusable shopping bags.  I am using a Thirty-One bag for mine with little baskets to divide it from Dollar Tree.


The insides

In the first basket, I have diapers, wipes and the little bags to put dirty diapers in so they don’t smell.  I have two toddlers so this is important to have even though we still carry a diaper bag.  I can’t tell you how many times we have robbed this basket because we forgot to restock the diaper bag, or forgot the diaper bag altogether!  I also have some pullups for my daughter if she has an accident even though she is potty trained.

First aid kits are important to have so there is one in the second basket.  Included is a basic first aid kit plus a few things.  Clorox wipes are important to have around for those germy times!  Some fun band-aids are usually in there also.

In the last basket are extra clothes and some hair stuff for my daughter.  I also have a few snacks that are safe to stay in the van like goldfish.  You will also notice an extra pair of my husbands sunglasses.  Normally they aren’t there but I decided to leave them because he can never find them when we leave to go somewhere.

So, what I did was to go through the baskets and clean them out and put things back in ziploc bags.  I am a huge fan of ziploc bags!  One thing that was needed, was to change out the extra clothes bags for the kids.  I had summer clothes in there.  I will say though, since we live in the South, I decided to have short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, shorts and pants.  Hopefully, this will cover what we need!


I also got rid of the bottles of water I had in the bag and replaced them with new ones.  I wrote the date on the bottles with a Sharpie so I would know for sure when they were put in the van.  (Love sharpies!!)

Lastly, I organized my shopping bags and put them in the big insulated Sam’s bag.   We have a battery charger for the van that we keep in it and I pulled it out to charge it but it usually stays right behind the seats.  Next to it, we also have an emergency tool kit (the red bag) for roadside needs. Oh and my standing stroller is a double side-by-side that I bungee to the side of the van so it stays in place and gives me a little more room.


Here is the finished product!  It made me feel so much better and only took about 30 minutes!  I want to utilize the pockets in the back a little more for things for the kids to entertain them.  Another day!  One day when the weather is better, I will do a quick walk through on YouTube.  When I do, I will come back and link it here.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!  I always love finding new tips!

God bless and have a great day!

God Centered Mom Podcast

Have you ever read or listened to something that affected you immediately?  That happened to me on my walk when I listened to a podcast by God Centered Mom featuring Lara Casey from Cultivate What Matters.  I found Lara Casey last year around this time in the planner community because of her goal worksheets, PowerSheets.  I was very impressed with her faith and realness as a wife, mother and a business woman.  In the last few weeks I have started listening to podcasts instead of music when I walk.  I asked some friends and someone suggested Heather MacFadyen’s blog and podcasts at God Centered Mom.


I have really enjoyed her podcasts and they have become a favorite of mine.  So, when I was looking for one to download and listen to for today’s walk and I found an interview with Lara Casey, it was a no-brainer!    If you have been in the position of waiting on God’s plan or maybe trying to balance motherhood with work or a business, then this is a good one for  you!  In this interview, they talk about Lara’s story of her business and becoming a mother to three littles.  I won’t go into it, but HERE is the link for the podcast.  Do yourself a favor and go listen to it!!  It will bless you in so many ways!

Happy New Year and God Bless!!

Goal Setting Resources


dreams to goals

So, it is that time of year again, everyone is talking about setting goals and choosing resolutions for 2017.  It can be a little daunting, okay, it can be downright scary.  A lot of times I haven’t set any goals because of the time and thinking it involved too much but last year I did it. This year I plan to do it.

How do you pick resources to help?  Every time you turn around there is an email or pop-up ad talking about click here and get our worksheets!  I am going to mention a few resources that I have looked at and thought I would share with you.  Some of these I have and have used but some of them I have not used but like the looks of them.



Last year, I discovered the Powersheets from Lara Casey.  You can take a look at them here, and really read about them.  I truly love this goal planner and I identify with what Lara Casey talks about her and in her book, Make it Happen.  The one problem I had was dedicating time to completing the worksheets.  Also, sometimes I procrastinate because I have some type of fear.  In this case, I am not sure I was ready to do the reflection required.  But, this year in looking at various workbooks, planners and videos; I discovered most of them include the reflecting stage.  So with this knowledge, I plan on using my Powersheets this year.


Miss Trenchcoat

In my goal setting search last year, I found Miss Trenchcoat, or Alexis at Strange & Charmed.  She has  good business YouTube videos that I have watched and through those, I found her video about setting goals.  It is an overview of her workbook that you can buy in her shop, but in the video you can learn a good amount.  I considered getting her workbook but I didn’t because I already have the Powersheets and another goal planner.  It would be well worth your time to take a look at her YouTube channel and her workbook.

At some point, Facebook suggested a few people for goal setting workshops or webinars.  This happens once you search for something enough.  One that I found was Kim at Sublime Reflection.  She has a free goal setting course on her website, Design Your Destiny for 2017.  She has a few blog posts as well as free worksheets to print and use.  I have them downloaded and intend to use them as well.  One of the reasons is she includes exercises for selecting your word of the year.


Design Your Destiny

The last reference I want to mention is the Crushing It course by Ruth Soukup, which is on her website HERE.  Once you sign up for the mini course you will receive an email with the link for the workbook.  This workbook goes along with videos that you receive links to in emails over the next few days.  A fun thing to note is that you get links to certain worksheets in the workbook that you can use at other times also.


Ruth Soukup

Okay, so these are just a few resources I have found and think would be useful.  I am a sucker for planning and goals setting so I tend to gather a few and a few extra.  I hope to do a video soon about goal setting and the resources I used and how I used them.  I also have a Michael’s Recollections goal planner and I am not sure how I will use it.  I am not sure how to integrate it with the Powersheets or if I can do that.

So, work is waiting to be done!  Good luck and God bless in the new year!


Booo! Halloween 2016

(Edit:  This was supposed to post last week but I had issues with the laptop so here we are! Better late than never, right?!)

This year we participated in dressing up and having fun at our church’s Trunk n Treat event.  My daughter wanted to be a purple butterfly princess fairy!  I mean come on, who wouldn’t?  She was adorable of course!  I picked Robin Hood for my son because at 2, he couldn’t really say and he likes the animated movie.

I found a tutorial on google for Hershel’s costume and Esther’s was pretty simple just finding wings and a tiara.  Oh and the sparkly skirt.

The tutorial is located HERE on the blog, Jen Spends Less.  She goes through how she created Robin Hood and Fryar Tuck costumes for her sons.  It was a great tutorial and made it easy to recreate.  And I of course, waited until Monday to actually do it. Procrastinate much?

The really good thing is I had almost everything for their costumes, I only had to buy a pair of pants for Hershel and dollar store accessories for Esther.  I did go back and get some makeup to paint a butterfly on her face.


So, we had a lot of fun at the Trunk n Treat and our fishing trunk went well also.

Here is my fisherman, reluctant Robin Hood and Purple Butterfly Princess Fairy.


My fisherman, reluctant Robin Hood and purple butterfly princess fairy!

You can see in the picture, Hershel isn’t too thrilled with his costume.  I had to bribe him for the picture.  Literally seconds after this picture, he was throwing it in the van!! Oh well, he looked cute anyway!

God bless and have a great day!

Lee Ann